We use an aircraft-grade aluminum in our work. This alloy contains less than 3% of alloying metals, giving it strength and working properties. We purchase only raw material, as high-temper sheet, rod, or wire. The embossing and shaping we do further work-hardens the metal. Anodizing gives it an even harder finish. The resulting work is lightweight, durable, and brilliantly colored.

Interesting facts about aluminum

  • Aluminum is the 13th element on the Periodic Table with an atomic weight of 26.98
  • Aluminum is the third most common element in the earth's crust after Oxygen and Silicon (8% by weight), yet is almost never found in its elemental state.
  • First isolated as an element in the 1820s, it was a precious metal worth more than gold until the 1880s when an electrical smelting process was developed.
  • The top of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, was originally made of 100 oz. of aluminum in 1884.  At that time it was the largest piece of cast aluminum ever made and cost as much as silver.  The yearly US production of aluminum in that year was 125 pounds.
  • Bauxite is the ore aluminum is primarily refined from.
  • Rubies, emeralds and sapphires consist mainly of crystalline aluminum oxide.

  • Aluminum is for the tenth wedding anniversary, Jewelry is for the eleventh anniversary.
    Our anodized aluminum jewelry makes a great gift, but you might want to consider a mobile.
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