Comments from our customers:

  • I've been in NYC for several days and I keep getting stopped and asked about your jewelry. At Penn Station right now, several of the Amtrak staff just gathered to see my (your) pieces. - P.G.

  • When I got to work, I found that I had lost the pin I was wearing. That evening, when I got off the bus, I found my pin in the gutter at the bus stop. It had spent the day in the street in New York City. I am returning it to you because I need a new pin back on it. As you can see, the pin itself is quite undamaged and very wearable. ...Thanks for making such durable jewelry! - A.C.

  • I have worn my earrings for two days and have gotten several compliments on them. My husband even made a comment on how many people have mentioned my earrings. In fact, this morning, as I was checking out of our hotel in Birmingham, AL, the hotel receptionist commented on my earrings and I gave her your website! - L.S.

  • I am addicted to your jewelry! - S.C.

  • I love wearing your jewelry when I travel. It goes with everything I own, is light, and worry free. - C.T.

  • We have had your mobile for a number of years. It still looks new and makes us smile whenever we look at it. - S.M.C

  • Your work goes with everything in my closet. - D.P.

  • Your jewelery is like oxygen, you need it to survive. - K.C.

  • Thank you for making my life happy!  Your jewelry is like eating colorful decadent candy.  It makes me smile.  I LOVE YOUR WORK. - L.F.