anchor (named "top" )  <div id="top"></div>
  Place in Code Block to set an anchor.

Anchor link code:   <a href="#top">[Top]</a>             displays [Top] as link  -(on same page)

<a href="#Top"><font size=4 color="blue"><u> [Top] </u></font></a>        sets color and font size

Anchor to a different page in external link section:    /pagename/#anchorname

external clickthrough link that opens in new page.  Add " target="_blank" to page URL
https://www.url/pagename " target="_blank"

try anchor with   " target="_blank"  added to open in new window.
<a href="#top">[Top]</a>" target="_blank"

for less space between lines, use shift-return.  Plain return is like 1.5 spaces.

CSS coding for changing the padding on image blocks.
.sqs-block.image-block {
padding-top: 0px;
padding-bottom: 0px;
padding-left: 0px;
padding-right: 0px;

mobile spacing?

drop shaddow?
#canvas { box-shadow: 0 10px 10px #000; }

SearchBlock in header - used in "settings / Advanced" only affects that page. Try developer tools(lower right corner, wrench icon)
<code><div align="right" class="sqs-search-ui-button sqs-search-ui-button-wrapper" boost_title="8"><span class="title">Search</span></div>



for line
<hr align="center" width="90%">

for thickness  <hr size="pixels">
 or   CSS syntax: <hr style="height:30px">