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Carol and Jean-Pierre Hsu have worked together as Hsu Studios for over four decades. Since 1975, we have lived and worked in Berkeley Springs, W.V. At that time we established two working studios, one for jewelry and one for clay. We merged our talents together as Hsu Studios in 1984 to create aerodynamic mobiles and eclectic, colorful jewelry in anodized aluminum. Wall pieces and sculpture are also part of our repertoire. Sometimes we mix the aluminum with found materials.

Aluminum is one of the most ubiquitous materials in the world, and is used in almost every industry. We enjoy the challenge of creating uncommon works of art for everyday use with a common material.

We are inspired to design enduring, vibrant artworks that transcend traditional form and complement everyone's environment. Change is always important to us in our artistic endeavors; we continually explore new possibilities of design and technique, and have expanded from the small scale of jewelry to much more voluminous mobiles and sculpture.

Beginning with mill-finish aluminum, we texture and anodize all of the metal before creating our pieces. The texturing is done by impressing fabrics into aluminum sheet with a rolling mill. Anodizing is an electrochemical process of oxidizing and dyeing the surface of the metal, providing an infinite array of colors. Due to environmental concerns and safety, all of our anodizing is done off-site by a family-run business a few hours away. We have 18 specific colors that they do to our specifications.

As West Virginia artists, we are pleased to be part of the state's vital arts community. We have participated in juried craft fairs across the country and numerous exhibitions. We spend most of our time in our studio with our production lines, which are available at craft galleries and museum stores across the country.

We are happy to create custom mobiles and wall-pieces to complement any space.

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